Company Overview:

vWorker.com connects 168,139 employers and entrepreneurs to 344,766 experts in hundreds of fields, who completethousands of succesful projects every month. 

vWorkers are not only 36-80%cheaper than traditional workers but much safer to use as well…thanks to our money-back guarantees.

vWorkers (virtual workers) are more capable, accountable and affordable than traditional workers and consultants. In exchange, they enjoy a lifestyle with the unique freedom to work whenever, wherever and as much as they choose.

Employer can post their project here and it will be distributed to workers around the world, who will eagerly bid to complete your project. The results are amazingly quick: within 24 hours you will receive an average of 12.4 bids. You can find the best worker by reviewing each bidder's responses, resume, certifications and previous work history (including comments and ratings left by previous employers).