Web Development

web-developmentA full website design is when we’re seriously starting from scratch. The cost of a website will vary significantly depending on the scope of the project. A basic web project, including reserving a domain name, acquiring a hosting service and designing a web site consisting of 5-10 pages of content, will generally cost $3500–$5000. This price includes design, a contact form, 5-10 pages of content, and a 1-year reservation of a domain and web hosting. A reasonable estimate for original web design is $600/page for the first five pages. For most sites, the per-page cost will drop significantly after those first five pages, as the majority of the cost lies in the original design.

All web sites I design apply best practice web design principles:

  • A commitment to web standards.
  • Careful attention to web accessibility.
  • Consideration of web usability.
  • Attentiveness to search engine friendly design.
  • Attention to principles of universal design

Ask me for reference sites if you want an idea of the kind of web design work I provide.

As special features, custom programming, and more complex navigational schemes are introduced, prices rise as well. For this reason, all projects require a detailed plan describing the scope of the project.

Update and redesign of existing websites

All site redesigns must be negotiated individually. If you only want to keep the content of the site with a completely new design this will be considered a new design, as above; It is usually more difficult and time consuming to apply web accessibility to an existing design than to start from scratch.

Develop your website from an existing design

Already have a talented graphic designer in mind or on staff? That’s great — I can work with your designer to realize your website in an accessible and search-engine friendly manner. I may require minor changes in the design in order to maximize search engine effectiveness or accessibility, such as minor color changes. Pricing for development contracts will be quoted individually, but is usually about one-half to two-thirds the cost of a full design and development project.

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress plugins can help provide your blog or WordPress-driven website with that special functionality your site needs. There are thousands of plugins already available in the WordPress plugin database, but that doesn’t mean that your needs are covered.

Pricing on the development of a new plugin can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the plugin and the ownership terms of the custom software, but an average plugin will begin at approximately $2,500. A small plug-in could be as little as $200, and a large-scale plug-in could easily run over $20,000. It all depends on what you need it to do! Contact me to talk about your plug-in needs.

Web Accessibility Consulting

Need advice on how to update your existing site into an accessible or standards based platform? An average review takes anywhere from 5 to 20 hours to complete, depending on the size of the site, the scope of media formats used, and the type of problems encountered. If your web site uses a large number of significantly different page templates, the review may take longer than this estimate. This includes a comprehensive written review of accessibility issues for your site with suggestions for the means to correct them. Read more about accessibility testing.

Web Hosting

What I make available for hosting your website is described more thoroughly on its own page. If you make use of the hosting I offer through ICDSoft, it will either cost $115/2 years or $220/2 years, depending on the level of service. Other hosting options may vary widely!