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Understanding the Repercussions that Come With Delegation

We all crave to be the best in whatever that is that we do. We have that complex and competing mind frame that enables us to do more than we should in order to prove that we can. However, despite the fame and accolades from others, we need to learn how to maintain and sustain our business venture. The same goes for outsourcing wide. It is not something that we can deliberately ‘master’ in a day’s time nor could we understand in just a click of the mouse.

Outsourcing-WideWith the world all hooked on it, let us focus on two particular disadvantages of outsourcing that could verily destroy that which we know about it. In other words, decipher the possibility of a collapsing merger or business opportunity because of a simple mishap that could have been well avoided.

To begin with, outsourcing speaks of allocation of business tasks or processes to an external service provider. To say such implies that it involves a third party with expertise on the field(s) specifically asked for by the client. More so, transaction and business dealings usually partake in the form of video calls or conference calls and or through exchange of emails. In short, there is no personal interaction that takes place – only exchange of intellectual knowledge that enables the fulfillment of the task or project on hand.

Basically, the problem lies on the difficulty of managing the external service provider – or the third party. Miscommunication could easily result to severing ties and leaving the task unfinished or worse, terminating the project mid-way unto it. Yes, this has been the case for some lost souls who did not pay attention to details. They jumped into the bandwagon and thought that things would take its own course. However, in reality, that is not the case – nor will it ever be the case.

Majority of those who rely on technology are dismayed by the output. Stated viciously, it speaks forth of the inability to determine the possibility of having the prefix ‘mis’ in understanding or ‘mis’ in communication. As aforementioned, it is inevitable to develop a keen eye and mind whenever outsourcing; to lessen the possibility of wasted efforts and time on both end.

Second and another disadvantage of outsourcing, like the first, speaks forth of the inability to make probable adjustments to cater to the many needs of both parties. Yes, be it the client or the service provider, there would be questions after another involving the completion of a task or tasks for that matter. Addressing the issue quickly, concisely and objectively should be the main operative in order to get the message on both ends.

In other words, there must be due consideration on both parties in order to properly shed light unto the question on hand. Focus is what is needed to reconcile differences and more so, the ability to listen and on the needs, demands and wants of the parties involve. Bear in mind that this is not individually centered but one that is collective in nature. Thus, the goals and objectives imposed by the group should rule out any discrepancies.

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