Company Overview:

For nearly 100 years businesses and consumers alike have known and trusted the YellowPages for providing quality products and services. We now offer English speaking, college educated offshore dedicated reps working 40 hours per week, including holidays, at a very affordable monthly rate.
Quality offshore employee outsourcing from a name you know and trust!

Your Outsourced Employee Can:

Process Orders and Fulfill Orders Maintain Your YouTube Business Account Send Mass Emails To New Clients  
Handle Customer Service Issues Maintain Your FaceBook Business Account Post Ads on CraigsList & Other Sites
Email, Phone, Live Chat Maintain Your MySpace Business Account Organize Files & Excel Databases
Handle Tech Support  Maintain Your Twitter Business Account Be Your Personal Virtual Secretary Screening Calls
Post Ads and Blog Entries Maintain Your LinkedIn Business Account Take Sales Calls & Customer Acquisitions
Perform Data Entry and Mining    Maintain Your Friendster Business Account Do Online Research & Lead Gathering
Monitor Marketing Campaigns Maintain All Social Media Site Accounts AND MORE